Product Category: 
Application Type: 

A 100% active synergistic blend of organic acids, surfactants & biocides (20%). Suitable for use as a disinfectant in all types of poultry and animal housing, diaries, abattoirs and veterinary surgeries

Active Ingredients
Organic Acids
Parasites, Vectors & Organisms Controlled
Contra Indications: 

Do not mix with other chemicals

Application Rate

Other Application: 

- Hatcheries: Use at a rate of 1:200 to 1:100. Use either via low pressure spray or with a suitable foaming unit.

- Water sanitation: Use at a dilution rate of 1:200 at clean out, dosing the header tank. Leave for at least 1 hour and then drain the system. For the use of the product on a continuous basis via the drinking water for water sanitation, use a rate of 1:1000.

- Aerial disinfection: Use a suitable mechanical mister or knapsack sprayer to apply the product at a rate of 1:200 using at least 1 litre of solution per 10m3 of space.

- Foot dips: Use at a rate of 1:100 and replenish weekly or when heavily soiled.

- Terminal disinfection: Use at a rate of 1:200 to 1:100 and apply either by low pressure spray or with a suitable foaming unit.

- In all applications allow a 5 minute contact time for VIROTECH.

- pH value of the recommended dilution rate is 2.6.
- Once diluted, the solution should be used immediately.

Bacterial Efficacy

Percentage kill of:

E.Coli - 1 : 100 (99.9)
S.Aureus - 1 : 100 (99.9)
Pseudomonas - 1 : 100 (99.9)
Salmonella - 1 : 100 (99.9)

Virucidal Efficacy
Newcastle Disease (NCD) - 1 : 300
Infectious Bursal Disease (IBD) - 1 : 250