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A broad spectrum disinfectant effective against a broad spectrum of viruses and bacteria for use in hatcheries and all classes of poultry and livestock housing.

Active Ingredients
Quaternary ammonium compounds

- Effective against a broad spectrum of VIRUSES and BACTERIA at the recommended dilution rate.
- Safe for use in hatcheries and all classes of poultry & livestock housing.
- To be applied to pre-cleaned surfaces that are in good repair.
- It is unaffected by hard water, is biodegradable and is non corrosive.
- Suitable for use with all types of low pressure spraying and foaming equipment.

Application Rate

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Dose rates/directions for use:

- Remove all birds, livestock and gross soiling from the target area.
- Wash down with clean water.
- Clean with non-ionic based detergent.
- Rinse area and remove excess fluid.
- Apply PARAGON PLUS at recommended dilution either by low pressure sprayer or foaming equipment.

Immediate Protection
Final disinfection before housing of stock, disinfection of individual pens or sections of housing.
Dilution: 1:200 parts water

General Use
Apply 300ml/m2 to pre cleaned surfaces
Dilution: 1:200 parts water

Wheel & Foot Dips
Vehicle hand/overhead sprays
Wheel and foot dips
Dilution: 1:200 parts water
Dilution: 1:100 parts water
- Replenish weekly

VIirucidal Efficacy: (30 minute contact time)
Avian Influenza 1:200
Newcastle Disease (NCD) 1:200
Gumboro Disease (IBD) 1:200

Bacterial Efficacy: (5 minute contact time)
S.aureus 0:99
E.coli 0:99
P.aeruginosa 0:99