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A freeze-dried suspension of live Brucella abortus strain 19 bacteria for the prevention of brucellosis (contagious abortion) in cattle.

Active Ingredients
Live Brucella abortus strain 19 bacteria
Parasites, Vectors & Organisms Controlled
Brucellosis (contagious abortion)

In terms of Table 2 of Government Notice R 2026 of 1986-09-26, all heifers between the ages of 4 and 8 months must be inoculated once against brucellosis. Bull calves are not inoculated. Cattle over the age of 8 months may not be inoculated against brucellosis except with the written approval of a state veterinarian.

Contra Indications: 

Vaccinate healthy animals only.

Application Rate

Cattle Application: 

For subcutaneous injection.

Dose rates/directions for use:
Use only as directed.

A syringe used to inoculate cattle against brucellosis should not be used for any other purpose.
Sterilise syringes and needles by boiling in water for at least 15 minutes. Do not use disinfectants or methylated
spirits for sterilising either needles or syringes. Use a separate needle for each animal. Immediately after use, needles and syringes should be properly cleaned before resterilising. The active ingredient of the vaccine is in the
form of a powder or pellet in a small bottle. By means of a sterile syringe transfer approximately 5 ml of diluent to the bottle containing the freeze-dried vaccine. Mix until all the powder is dissolved and then transfer this
suspension back to the remaining diluent and again mix well by means of the sterile syringe. The vaccine is now ready for use and must be injected without delay. Keep the vaccine cool and avoid exposure to direct sunlight and high temperatures during inoculation. Shake the bottle well before filling the syringe.

DOSAGE: 5 ml subcutaneously

Withdrawal Time

21 days