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For the treatment of frothy bloat in cattle.

Active Ingredients
Oxyethylene oxypropylene polymer25 g/30 ml
Parasites, Vectors & Organisms Controlled

Bloat Guard is an oral remedy for the treatment of frothy bloat in cattle.

Contra Indications: 


Application Rate

Cattle Application: 

For oral administration:

Dose rates/directions for use:
Use only as directed.

Live mass Dose:
Up to 200 kg 30 ml
Over 200 kg 60 ml

For best results, administer into the mouth.

Note: Bloat Guard* Drench will relieve bloat within minutes when used as directed. Always treat at the earliest signs of bloat. When bloat has progressed to a severe stage and the animal is down, other means of treatment are also recommended, ie rumen puncture in the left flank midway between the last rib and the point of the hip and 8 cm below the vertebral column. Bloat Guard* Drench introduced through the rumen puncture will assist in breaking down the froth. May be used for lactating cows.

Withdrawal Time

7 days