Thu, 09 March 2023

Phosphorous supplementation in livestock is essential to maintain optimal production and reproduction in cattle, sheep and goats. Especially when they are grazing on green pastures.

Phosphorus is a serious nutritional limitation to cattle production, reducing efficiency and profitability. It is involved in many of the physiological functions in an animal’s body and a deficiency of this nutrient results in:

  • Decreased feed intake
  • Suppressed appetite
  • Decrease in milk production after cow has calved
  • Lower muscle mass in weaner calves
  • Decreased reproduction of the herd
  • Less weaner calves will be produced

Phosphorous supplementation plays a vital role during specific parts of the year. When animals are grazing on green summer pastures higher amounts need to be supplemented as the grass is easily digestible. The protein and energy contents are high, but the phosphorous and minerals present may be in limited supply.

Our Phosphorus and Mineral Supplement

The Fivet Hiphos 6 Lick is a ready-mixed mineral supplement for grazing animals that is perfectly formulated to provide trace minerals and phosphate to ruminants. The lick supplement contains 6% phosphorous, calcium, magnesium, sulphur, and 7 more essential trace minerals. This highly palatable lick stimulates ovulation rate for higher calving, kidding, and lambing percentages and improves energy utilisation from pastures.

Key benefits

  • High level of bio available phosphorus for growth and fertility
  • High level of magnesium for growth and fertility
  • High level of sulphur for utilisation of protein from grazing
  • High levels of all essential trace minerals
  • High level of vitamin A for fertility and health
  • Versatile – also suitable for mixing mineral production and energy supplements for all animals including horses and game

Our Hiphos 6 Lick can be given at any stage of production. It is given to cattle at a rate of 100 – 200 grams per animal per day, sheep and goats at a rate of 20 – 40 grams per animal per day.

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