Tue, 08 December 2015

As the 2015-16 agriculture season advances we have seen temperatures rise by the day almost confirming the fears of an El Nino developing and is associated with below-average and erratic rainfall in the country. This means that the pastures will have very little grass for grazing forcing some cattle to resort to consuming sprouting tree leaves (browsing) as trees are less susceptible to climatic fluctuations than grass.

Browsing however presents a challenge as tree leaves have TANNINS and TERPENES (RESIN) that:

  1. bind the protein found in the leaves making it unavailable to the animals
  2. depress intake (loss of appetite)
  3. lowers digestibility (binding to micronutrients in the rumen)
  4. cause organ damage particularly in the liver blocking the action of the detoxifying enzymes
  5. dung is very dark, dry and hard making them consistently thirsty

Browse Plus® is a specialised formula designed as a drinking water and in-feed additive, which enhances the animal digestive processes and results in more efficient nutrient utilisation.

The ingredients of Browse Plus break the condensed tannin/protein complex to release proteins, which are essential for the action of the micro flora in the rumen as well as for the digestion of cellulose.
Browse Plus also has the following actions:

  1. prevents the absorption of the hydrolysable tannins
  2. the structure of resin is modified, which then neutralises their negative effect on proteolytic enzymes
  3. Browse Plus allows the intestine to absorb vital nutrients more efficiently
  4. leaf intake of normally browsed plants, will be increased considerably together with plants not normally eaten
  5. increased grazing of less palatable grasses
  6. digestion is more active
  7. dung will become softer with a green consistency
  8. game animals will also benefit especially in drought conditions

The farmer will get the following benefits:

  1. Browse Plus is a cost-effective treatment
  2. Save on extra purchase of supplementary feed
  3. Improved use of total available feed resources
  4. May also be used for game animals
  5. All ingredients are biodegradable
  6. Easy to use
  7. Increase digestibility of browse and lignified grass
  8. Can be used for ruminants.

Cattle cannot afford to be without Browse Plus during difficult times. Please see the product leaflet for more information.

Article by: Dr Shadreck Magonziwa (BVSc, BBA, MCom) shadreck@vetprod.com