Fivet will work with you to correctly establish the quality/value of the raw materials on your farm. Animal performance is not about the feedstuffs the animals is fed, it is about the nutrients delivered to the animal.

1. On Farm Sampling

2. Fivet Laboratory Analysis


  • Establishing the specific nutrient content of your on farm raw materials eg. maize, soya etc, using the latest NIR
  • Processing of soya meal (mechanically extruded, solvent extracted and full fat soya) can vary significantly. Not all soya meal is suitable for animal feeds. Through urease testing, Fivet determines the suitability of your soya.
  • Many factors such as storage conditions, moisture content and age of your raw materials, predispose them to the growth of fungi which produce mycotoxins. Using Charm methodology Fivet can detect the presence of mycotoxins in your raw materials.

3. Formulations of Basemixes & Full Feed


Based on a thorough understanding of the nutrient needs of animals, poultry & fish,
Fivet then formulates diets which optimise your animals production performance, while staying healthy.
This maximises your business profitability.


4. Production

  • Basemixes
  • Concentrates
  • Complete Feeds
  • Production Blocks



To optimize profitable animal production, Fivet will need to know and understand from you:

  1. The input
    (the raw material and its matrix)
  2. The animals' requirements
    (for level of production, for age)
  3. The farms desired outcome
    (the market)