Since 2002, Fivet has been building long-lasting relationships with commercial and small-scale farmers.

Our tried and tested management support and quality products aim to increase the profitability, sustainability, and efficiency of our diverse portfolio of livestock and poultry farmers.

Management support includes on-farm biosecurity and vaccination audits, herd health planning and monitoring, on-farm technical training, veterinary investigation and tailor-made recommendations. Our product range covers all aspects of animal production including, disease prevention products, therapeutic drugs, sanitisers, environmental control products, equipment and instruments, a wide range of nutritional basemix, lick block feed products and supplements.

Our nutrition laboratory uses NRI to determine the nutritional values of raw materials such as maize and soya. Based on these values, our nutritionists formulate a balanced diet including vitamins, amino acids and trace elements. Our laboratory also carries out urease tests on processed soya meal and screens these raw materials for mycotoxins.

Our veterinarians have a wide range of diagnostic tools available to them that allow for accurate and timely diagnosis of disease pathogens. These diagnostic tools include PCR, Serology, micro biology and water analysis.

Fivet production and distribution facilities are routinely audited by the Medicines Control Authority of Zimbabwe and a number of leading global veterinary companies. This ensures that all aspects related to product quality and service delivery are maintained in line with international standards.

We have a network of Fivet branches, stockists, and retailers around Zimbabwe ensuring our products and services are readily available to all farmers. As a proudly Zimbabwean enterprise, we are committed to developing and investing in local processing and manufacturing, creating job opportunities, and contributing to the country’s economy.